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Resource Center in Akuase, Ghana

Place:Akuase, Ghana
Date:15 July 2008 to 1 August 2012

The Director of Education of the Birim North District in Ghana has brought BigStep into contact with the ‘Chief’, ‘Elders’ and principals of Akuase. Akuase is a large village with seven Junior Secondary Schools (JSS) and one Senior Secondary School (SSS). There is an urgent need of ICT rooms at the seven Junior Secondary Schools in Akuase. In stead of furnishing a few ICT rooms spread over the schools in Akuase the decision was made to build a Resource Center, a learning and information center where students from all schools in Akuase and its surrounding areas can make use of. Not only does this center provide possibilities for ICT education, but training, instruction, education and information concerning other disciplines (e.g health care, environment, education, emancipation) will also be available in this center. Adults and elderly people can also get education and information. There is a large computer room and a large library.

The ‘Resource Center’ project is a big project. BigStep Foundation has completed this projects in stages.

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